Top 10 PFG Violations of 2016

(Reminder: Some of these can result in a fine or lien on your house.  Help us keep our neighborhood amazing!)

All regulations can be found on the website in two documents: the Bylaws and the Declaration of Restrictions.  Please take some time become familiar with these documents and know what we are expected to maintain to keep our neighborhood a place we all want to live!

  1. Decks – No Exterior Structure shall be erected any without written approval of the Architectural Committee [Dec of Res. Section 8 (a)]
  2. Fences – Lots may only have wood or wrought iron fences. Chain Link or similar is not allowed and all fences shall not exceed 5 feet in height. [Dec of Res. Section 8 (b)]
  3. Painting – Homes must maintain an earth tone paint scheme and must be approved by the Architectural Committee and surrounding neighbors. [Bylaws]
  4. Sheds –No shed, barn or detached garage shall be erected. [Dec of Res. Section 9 (o)]
  5. Basketball Goals – All basketball goals shall be installed and not movable. Backboards shall be transparent. [Dec of Res. Section 8 (b) (ii)]
  6. Landscaping – All landscaping shall include a minimum expenditure of $1500 and include at least one hardwood tree of at least 1.5” caliper. [Dec of Res. Section 11]
  7. Animals –No animals of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any Lot except dogs, cats and other common household pets. [Dec of Res. Section 10]
  8. Trash Cans – No trash can shall be placed on Lot outside after sundown of the day trash is picked up and must be returned to the garage within 24 hours of pickup. [Dec of Res. Section 9 (t)]
  9. Overnight Parking – No vehicles shall be parked on street overnight. Motor Vehicles shall be parked in garages or driveways. [Dec of Res. Section 9 (d)]
  10. RV Parking – [RVs and Trailers] are prohibited unless parked in garage or left in driveway for purpose of loading and unloading (1 night per every 14 days). [Dec of Res. Section 9 (f)/(g)]